A true thriller, this Ethan Benson novel paints a raw and vivid picture of the fractured mind of a serial arsonist and killer.


Book Four in the Ethan Benson Thriller Series!

As Ethan Benson battles the bottle and tries to save his career, he flees from his home in New York City to investigate a serial arsonist who has murdered four young women in Western Massachusetts. And during the course of his investigation, he discovers not only the killer's insidious secret but the true meaning of his own salvation.


Jeffrey L. Diamond is an award-winning producer with forty years of experience in television news, where he produced hundreds of breaking news specials, major newsmaker interviews, investigative reports, entertainment profiles, and crime stories for ABC News 20/20, Dateline NBC, FOX News, and Martha Stewart Living Television.



“... Get ready for another thrilling ride with Ethan Benson. No surprise here, there is mystery and intrigue around every corner. Jeff’s... storytelling skills come alive... leaving us spellbound with every turn...”

—Deborah Roberts, Author and Co-Anchor,
ABC News 20/20

All Cameras Live is a five-star roller-coaster ride with twists and jolts so unexpected you'll be riveted to the edge of your seat till you reach the breath-taking end. Jeffrey L. Diamond was an extraordinary producer who left no stone unturned in pursuing a story. He is equally adept in crafting his pulled-from-the-headlines fiction. A must read."

—Robert Brown, Author and Former Correspondent,
ABC News 20/20

“Jeff and I spent years working together at 20/20, and his novel captures the essence of storytelling and the art of the interview. The plotline is ripped straight from the headlines, and the book is sharp and fast-paced, a page turner that will hold your attention right down to the chilling climax.”

—Barbara Walters, former host at ABC's The View, 20/20, and NBC's Today Show

“Only those who have met evil up close and in person can understand how seemingly normal, successful people can sink to shocking levels of depravity. Diamond, in his decades of work as a journalist, has looked into evil's eyes in the real world, and used those memories to create one of the most terrifying killers in fiction.”

—Don Dahler, Novelist and Correspondent at
CBS This Morning

“Ethan Benson is a new kind of hero… Sensitive and insecure, dogged and determined, sharp-witted and loving...”

—Al Roker, Host and Weatherman at NBC's The Today Show

“Diamond, a master of spine-chilling suspense, thrills readers again with his fluid storytelling and memorable characters. The protagonist, Ethan Benson—a hardcore alcoholic and one of the industry’s best investigative journalists and television producers—is hot on the trail of a serial killer whose weapon of choice is arson. With an unexpected and mind-boggling ending, prepare to stay up late, because All Cameras Live is a certifiable page-turner!

—Laurie Buchanan, Author,
The Sean McPherson Crime Thrillers


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