All Cameras Live

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Published by: Page Publishing
Release Date: October 4, 2023
Pages: 386
ISBN13: 979-8889600800


With his career at GBS News on the line as he battles to stay sober, Ethan Benson receives a newspaper clipping in the mail about a beautiful, young woman who’s been killed in a spectacular fire in a small, suburban community just outside Springfield, Massachusetts. It is the fourth fire and the fourth death in a little over a year, and while the local authorities have ruled them accidental, Ethan suspects foul play and travels to the scene of the crimes in search of the truth. Scared, alone, and desperate for a Scotch, he begins digging into the facts, using his award-winning skills as an investigative reporter to unearth an insidious conspiracy and find a killer with a horrifying secret.

Piece by piece, he follows the clues as he builds his case and produces his story. Along the way, he is threatened by the authorities, hunted by a hitman, blown up by a car bomb, and saved by a beautiful young woman, the sister of the last victim, who becomes not only one of his key sources but also a pillar of strength as he battles his demons and hangs on to his sobriety. Like the other three Ethan Benson thrillers in the series, All Cameras Live is steeped in the world of television news with confrontational interviews, production deadlines, camera crews, a mercurial anchorman, and all the cutthroat political intrigue that characterizes the real world of television news. Ethan is a modern-day journalist and an intrepid crime sleuth who uses his skills as a producer/reporter to cull through the facts, read between the lines, and seek justice where justice is all but forgotten.

The novel is a classic murder mystery, a page-turner with twists and turns, and an explosive ending that will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat. Our hero is the best investigative reporter in the business, a man with a soul, a conscience, a mission, who is not only seeking the truth for others but also seeking the truth for himself.


“Jeffrey L. Diamond has done it again. Get ready for another thrilling ride with Ethan Benson. No surprise here, there is mystery and intrigue around every corner. Jeff’s television background and storytelling skills come alive on the page in this fourth installment, leaving us spellbound with every turn. What a story! What an ending!”
Deborah Roberts, Author and Co-Anchor, ABC News 20/20

"All Cameras Live is a propulsive, heart pounding crime thriller that will keep you glued to the pages! The talented TV news producer, Ethan Benson challenges authority and fights his own demons while pulling out all the stops to investigate a series of local fires causing deaths in Massachusetts. With his fourth book in the satisfying crime solving detective series, author Jeffrey L. Diamond treats readers to skillful storytelling and an explosive ending.”
Jennifer Gans Blankfein, Blogger at Book Nation by Jen

“Jeffrey L. Diamond has crafted a stunning, intensely complex, and chilling crime story with character studies that are deep and intelligent. He takes an unsparing look into the soul of his protagonist, Ethan Benson, and his battles with alcohol and morality, and with his villain, a powerful, insightful look at the controversial and deeply disturbing world of multiple personality disorder and arson. Diamond has also stayed true to his television and investigative roots, and crafts an unrelenting look at the gritty underside of humanity as he portrays the reality of life behind the scenes in television. To call it a major accomplishment would be an understatement.”
Karen Burnes, Former Correspondent, ABC News and CBS News

"All Cameras Live is a five-star roller-coaster ride with twists and jolts so unexpected you'll be riveted to the edge of your seat till you reach the breath-taking end. Jeffrey L. Diamond was an extraordinary producer who left no stone unturned in pursuing a story. He is equally adept in crafting his pulled-from-the-headlines fiction. A must read.”
Robert Brown, Author and Former Correspondent, ABC News 20/20

“Diamond, a master of spine-chilling suspense, thrills readers again with his fluid storytelling and memorable characters. The protagonist, Ethan Benson—a hardcore alcoholic and one of the industry’s best investigative journalists and television producers—is hot on the trail of a serial killer whose weapon of choice is arson. With an unexpected and mind-boggling ending, prepare to stay up late, because All Cameras Live is a certifiable page-turner!”
Laurie Buchanan, Author, The Sean McPherson Crime Thrillers

“Diamond's latest novel is utterly gripping, destined to keep you hooked from start to finish. Drawing upon his extensive background as an acclaimed magazine producer, he skillfully presents Ethan Benson's newest investigative journey in his fourth fictional work, All Cameras Live. This narrative is a true nail-biter, centering around Benson's relentless fixation on unraveling a perplexing series of murders. Set against the cutthroat backdrop of network news, where egotistical anchors and network executives pose obstacles and work-related pressures that fracture relationships, Diamond has crafted an authentic and immersive story that will captivate and enthrall its audience.”
Martin Phillips, Former Senior Producer, ABC News 20/20

"Once again, Jeffrey L. Diamond has captured the frenetic pace of television news in his fourth Ethan Benson thriller. His experience as a producer for a major network news magazine provides keen insight into how a seasoned but flawed journalist goes about investigating a crime with all the twists and turns of a classic murder mystery. A must addition to your reading list!"
David Sloan, Senior Executive Producer and Creative Lead, ABC News Studios


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